Air conditioner blast takes place at jewellery shop in southern india

Air conditioner blast takes place at jewellery shop in southern india
In a tragic event, an AC blast took place at a jewellery shop in southern India’s Karnataka.
The incident took place at Kalyan Jewelers on Teru street, Ballari district on May 2.
Viusals showed  a room engulfed in thick smoke as an injured man was carefully carried out of the shop. The individuals assisting him took precautionary measures by covering their noses with cloth to shield themselves from the smoke’s effects. Outside the shop, a sizable crowd of concerned locals had gathered, their worried murmurs filling the air with tension. With urgency, the injured individual was swiftly placed inside a waiting car, likely bound for medical attention. This chaotic sequence of events underscored the urgency and gravity of the situation, leaving bystanders both shocked and apprehensive.


According t6o reports, major air conditioning malfunction occurred at Kalyan Jewelers on Teru Street in the city on Thursday evening, resulting in four individuals sustaining serious injuries. The condition of one person is particularly concerning.

Witnesses inside the shop became alarmed by the sudden loud noise and smoke. The sight of store staff assisting the injured outside highlights the gravity of the situation. The injured individuals have been hospitalized at Vims Hospital in the city.

The shop’s windows were shattered, reportedly due to a short circuit. Firefighters, along with city DySP, Brucepete Circle Inspector, and other personnel, promptly responded to the scene and conducted an investigation. A large crowd gathered to observe the incident unfold.


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