Assault on local train in western India leaves 55-year-old victim

Assault on local train in western India leaves 55-year-old victim

In a distressing incident aboard a local train in western India’s Maharashtra a 55-year-old passenger, Dattatray Bhoir, succumbed to injuries sustained in a violent assault.

The incident took place inside a local train between Titwala and Vasind railway stations in Mumbai on April 28.

Visuals showed inside a train, a group of people viciously attacked a man with a belt and a knife.

Dattatray Bhoir, a farmer hailing from Sajivali village in Shahapur, encountered tragedy after being attacked by two assailants wielding a knife and a belt. The assault, triggered by a misinterpretation, occurred during a seemingly jovial exchange between Bhoir and his companions while returning home after attending a friend’s Haldi ceremony in Ulhasnagar.

Government Railway Police (GRP) officials revealed that the altercation erupted when a fellow passenger, misapprehending the group’s banter as mockery directed towards him, confronted Bhoir and his friends. Despite attempts to defuse the situation, the encounter escalated into a physical confrontation, resulting in severe injuries to Bhoir’s stomach and hand.

The assailants, identified as Amol Pardeshi, 40, and Tanji Kumar Jammula, 21, attempted to flee upon reaching Vasind station. However, swift action by Bhoir’s friend, Pradeep Shirose, who promptly alerted authorities, led to their apprehension by police stationed at the station.

Despite medical efforts to save him, Bhoir’s condition rapidly deteriorated, ultimately leading to his demise on Thursday. Senior Inspector Pandharinath Kande of Kalyan GRP confirmed that the accused, allegedly under the influence of marijuana, have been charged under sections 302, 324, 337, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code, with one of the accused also having a prior assault case against him.

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