Boy playing with fire suffers severe burns in northern India

Boy playing with fire suffers severe burns in northern India

During a wedding celebration, a young boy’s playful interaction with fire turned disastrous as he suffered severe burns in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, prompting nearby bystanders to swiftly extinguish the flames.

The incident took place in Mohalla Shishgran within the jurisdiction of Kiratpur police station of Bijnor on April 21.

Visuals showed during the wedding procession, as the drums were beating, a young man was performing fire stunts. Suddenly, flames spread across his face. In the midst of the chaos, bystanders rushed to his aid, extinguishing the fire and saving his life.

According to reports, during a wedding ceremony in Bijnor, a young man attempted a dangerous stunt by pouring petrol into his mouth and igniting himself, resulting in severe burns. Prompt intervention by those present prevented further harm to the individual. The video capturing the incident has quickly spread across social media platforms.

Witnesses recounted that during a procession in the neighborhood on Sunday, revelry included dancing and singing. Amidst the festivities, a young man appeared with a bottle of petrol, engaging in risky maneuvers by ingesting and igniting the fuel. However, the spectacle took a perilous turn when the ignition led to unintended consequences, engulfing the young man’s face in flames. Swift action from onlookers enabled them to douse the flames and mitigate the severity of the situation.

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