Leopard rescued from wheat field after injuring four in northern India

Leopard rescued from wheat field after injuring four in northern India
A leopard that ventured into a wheat field in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh was successfully captured and released back into the wild by the forest department.

The incident took place at Faridpur-Amheda village of Haldaur in Bijnor on April 11.

Visuals showed a crowd had gathered in a vast wheat field as villagers attempted to capture the intruding leopard. In another clip, the leopard was seen being safely secured in a cage by the forest department team before being released back into the jungle under the veil of night.

While talking to Newslions, Mahesh Chand Gautam RFO of Bijnor said a leopard entered a wheat field. It entered around 10:45 in the morning, and by 12:00 noon, the forest department team had rescued it and released it back into the jungle at night. During this time, four people were injured, including one deputy ranger Harigovind Singh.

Meanwhile, the forest department personnel skillfully cornered the leopard, ensuring the safety of both the animal and the surrounding residents. After tranquilizing the leopard, it was carefully transported back to its natural habitat and released into the wilderness under the cover of night.

Authorities have urged residents to remain vigilant and report any further sightings of wild animals in human-populated areas to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The residents of the area are increasingly frustrated by the recurring leopard attacks and, in collaboration with the forest department, are urging for improved facilities for animal rescue and shelter care.
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