Bridge collapses in northeastern India amidst devastating floods

Bridge collapses in northeastern India amidst devastating floods

The mighty Brahmaputra River has caused severe flooding in several districts of northeastern India’s Assam over the past few days. 


The incident took place in Kaliabor, Nagaon district on July 3.

Visuals showed the breakdown of the bridge due to the overflowing water body because of recent floods in the area.


According to reports, the overflowing river breached the Hatimura embankment near the under-construction sluice gate of the Kolong revival project, inundating large areas of Kaliabor and Jakhalabandha.


The heavy flow of water has already broken a bridge in Kaliabor. The overflowing Brahmaputra is now flowing with a high current through the Kolong River, raising fears of further panic and damage among the riverine communities in the district.


The state government had implemented a multi-crore pilot project under the SOPD scheme to revive the Kolong River and constructed a sluice gate at the Hatimura embankment. This gate was intended to control the flow of additional water from the Brahmaputra into the Kolong River during the monsoon season. However, the recent breach has undermined these efforts.


The floodwaters have already submerged the Jakhalabandha bazar and threaten to overflow onto NH-37. Dhekial, Kotiori Bhagawati Gaon, Dulal Madhav, Madhatari, and Borbhakati have been submerged, forcing residents to relocate to safer areas. More than 35 domestic animals have been washed away, and a footbridge near Gumuthagaon has been destroyed.


District Commissioner Narendra Kr. Shah and Kaliabor Sub-Divisional Officer Leeza Talukder have inspected the flood-affected areas, directing rescue operations and the distribution of food, water, and essential supplies. Local MLA and minister Keshab Mahanta also visited the areas, promising government support and a thorough investigation into the embankment breach.


The Hatimura embankment had previously been breached in 2017 and was repaired by the Nagaon Water Resources Division. Despite these efforts, the floodwaters have once again breached the embankment.


Additionally, the release of extra water from the Karbi Langpi hydroelectric power project has caused the Kapili River to overflow, submerging large areas in the Hojai and Kampur regions of the Nagaon district for the third time in a month. Residents of affected villages have been forced to relocate.

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