Hospital faces severe flooding after heavy monsoon rain in northern India

Hospital faces severe flooding after heavy monsoon rain in northern India

A Hospital in northern India’s Bihar has been inundated following torrential monsoon rains, turning its wards, operation theaters, and doctor duty rooms into waterlogged zones, causing distress to patients and staff alike.

The incident took place at a hospital in Siwan district on July 2.

Visuals showed inside the hospital, water had inundated several areas, making movement difficult for patients. The corridors and wards resembled small ponds, with patients struggling to navigate through ankle-deep water. Some patients were seen lifting their feet carefully to avoid their slippers getting wet, highlighting the challenging conditions they faced amidst the heavy rainfall.

The first heavy rains of the monsoon season transformed Siwan Sadar Hospital into a scene resembling a lake, with water flooding several departments including male and female wards, labor rooms, X-ray and RTI facilities, the superintendent’s office, doctor duty rooms, and the operation theater. Patients and staff have been struggling amidst ankle-deep water, with some wards like the maternity ward completely submerged, making it difficult for patients to move about. The inadequate drainage system compounded the situation, causing recurring flooding after every heavy downpour.

In addition to the hospital, major roads such as Rajendra Path, Babuniya Road, Hospital Road, and Thana Road have also experienced waterlogging, severely inconveniencing residents. Areas like Makhdum Sarai and Mahaviri Path saw water levels rising over a foot inside homes, affecting daily life and business operations. Even the main post office’s warehouse faced flooding, risking damage to valuable postal materials and documents.

Authorities have been urged to take immediate action to improve drainage infrastructure and ensure proper water management to prevent such incidents in the future.


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