Bull attacks scooter rider in middle of road in southern India

Bull attacks scooter rider in middle of road in southern India
In a narrow escape, a bull attacked a scooter rider in the middle of the road in southern India’s Karnataka.

The incident took place near the Mahalakshmi Layout Swimming Pool Junction, Bengaluru on April 3.

Visuals showed a female individual accompanying the bull when, inexplicably, the bull suddenly became aggressive and charged towards a person riding a two-wheeler coming from the opposite direction. After colliding with the biker, the bull continued running erratically. The collision propelled the biker near the wheels of a Canter Truck.

Fortunately, the Canter Truck driver displayed excellent situational awareness and promptly applied the brakes, thus averting a potential tragedy for the biker.

It was a “Kole Basava” or a caparisoned bull used for performances that caused havoc.

In an interview with Newslions, eyewitness Amar Gupta, a street vendor, expressed his shock at witnessing such an unusual and frightening incident. He recounted seeing bystanders assisting the victim and providing them with water after the attack. His shop was just 50 m away from the incident spot.

The police informed Newslions that they were made aware of the incident; however, no one had filed a complaint regarding the matter.


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