Massive fire erupts in western India, several vehicles gutted

Massive fire erupts in western India, several vehicles gutted

A massive fire broke out at the CP Tank area in western India’s Maharashtra.

This incident happened in Girgaon, Mumbai on April 4.

Visuals showed the horrifying fire which broke out in the area. The fire rose to a great height and engulfed a couple of vehicles which were parked right in front. The whole place was left gutted in the fire and a crowd had gathered at the other end of the road, witnessing the destruction that the blaze left in its wake. A massive amount of thick black smoke rose into the sky from this area and clouded the whole area.

According to a report, the fire burnt two cars and a bike along with six shops which were in this area. The fire brigade officials rushed to the spot as soon as they received information about this incident and started their work of tackling the flames  and bringing it under control. It was reported that the fire started due to a short circuit and fortunately, there weren’t any casualties reported in this incident.

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