Bull falls into 7-foot deep ditch in central India, rescued

Bull falls into 7-foot deep ditch in central India, rescued

A bull was rescued after it fell into a 7-foot deep ditch in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

The incident took place in the Indraprasth Colony behind the BSNL office in Khurai town in Sagar district on March 24.


Visuals showed a man drilling near the ditch to expand its opening. After a while a few men were seen tying rope around the bull. An excavator was also present at the rescue spot to pull the bull outside the ditch. After a long effort from Hindu nationalist militant organisation (Bajrang Dal) and cow protection organization the bull was pulled out from the ditch.

Upon noticing the trapped bull by the locals, efforts were made by members of the Bajrang Dal and the cow protection organization to extricate it. When initial attempts failed, information was relayed to excavator machinery and a hammer for assistance. Following approximately four hours of arduous effort, the bull was successfully rescued.

Upon its rescue, the bull bore marks of injuries all around its body. After receiving medical attention, it was released.

The increasing frequency of incidents involving both humans and animals falling into open drains highlights a concerning trend in Khurai city. The negligence of drain construction companies is aggravating the situation, with many areas still featuring open drains, some reaching depths of 10 to 12 feet, posing significant risks to pedestrians, cyclists, and animals alike.

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