Bull rescued after it fell into drain in central India

Bull rescued after it fell into drain in central India

A bull was rescued after it fell into a drain in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened in Khurai, Sagar district on February 5.

Visuals showed efforts being made to rescue the bull. Two of the rescuers got down into the drain and tied ropes around the bull’s horns and body. Later on, the bull was pulled out of the drain with a mighty effort from the rescuers who ensured the animal’s safety among everything else. The bull was agitated upon being taken out and tried to jump about while the rescuers held on to with the help of ropes.

According to a report, some people spotted the bull inside the drain and initially tried to help it out. Unfortunately they were unable to do so and members of the Bajrang Dal and Cow Protection Organisation and the rescue operation began with the locals being involved as well. The bull’s large body prevented it from being taken out of the drain very easily but the rescuers didn’t give up. The bull was taken out eventually and after not eating for two days, it had grown agitated and tried to flee and jump about. Similar drains have been made across the whole city but with them lying uncovered, many cases have emerged of cattle falling into it.



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