Cat rescued from gas stove in southern India household

Cat rescued from gas stove in southern India household

In a peculiar incident in southern India’s Kerala, a kitten belonging to a local resident named Sheenas got its head stuck in the opening of a gas stove.

The incident took place in Cherikkal, Pandalam, Pathanamthitta district on June 21.

Visuals showed the baby of a cat yowling continuously, the family members trying their best to free the kitten and it was finally rescued by the fire and rescue station officials carefully cut the gas stove and freed the kitten.

Speaking to Newslions, Mahesh, Senior fire and rescue officer mentioned that despite the family’s efforts to free the kitten, they were unsuccessful. The kitten got trapped while trying to reach fried fish placed on the stove.

The Adoor Fire Station was called for assistance. Under the leadership of Assistant Station Officer Venu, Senior Rescue Officer Ajeeb Khan Yusuf, and Rescue Officers Pradeep, Ranjith, Santosh George, and Prakash, the team successfully freed the trapped kitten.

The incident highlights the prompt and effective response of local emergency services in Kerala, ensuring the safety of even the smallest residents

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