Fish population decimated in southern India’s lake due to water pollution

Fish population decimated in southern India’s lake due to water pollution

Nearly 10 tonnes of fish have been found dead in southern India’s Telangana, triggering alarm among local fishermen and environmental authorities. The incident, suspected to be caused by water pollution, has left over 100 fishing families without livelihoods.


The incident took place in Chitkul lake, Patancheru in Sangareddy district on June 26.

Visuals showed on the shores of a lake, numerous fish lay scattered, caught in fishermen’s nets as they were being pulled ashore. The scene painted a stark picture of distress, with several fishermen visibly concerned. Meanwhile, in another frame, individuals were seen collecting samples of water and surrounding soil, intent on conducting thorough examinations. Local leaders, accompanied by their teams, also arrived at the site, actively engaging in the investigation. The visuals captured the urgency and collaborative effort underway to understand the situation and its broader implications.


Officials from the Pollution Control Board and Fisheries Department rushed to Chitkul lake after receiving distress calls from fishermen who discovered the extensive loss of fish on Wednesday. According to reports, the lake, which had received 1.5 lakh fishlings during the last monsoon, showed alarming levels of dissolved oxygen, significantly below normal standards. This critical drop in oxygen levels is believed to have contributed to the mass mortality of fish.


The affected fishermen, who depend heavily on the lake for their livelihoods, have appealed to the government for support in the wake of this ecological disaster. They highlight the urgency of addressing water pollution issues to prevent further damage to the lake ecosystem and their means of survival.

Officials have indicated that a comprehensive investigation, including laboratory analysis, is underway to pinpoint the exact cause of the fish deaths. Meanwhile, local authorities are under pressure to take immediate measures to restore the lake’s health and provide assistance to the affected fishing communities.


Responding to the devastating loss of fish Patancheru constituency, Sangareddy district, Medak Parliament contested candidate Neelam Madhu Mudiraj has assured support to the affected fishermen. The incident, estimated to have caused property losses amounting to Rs 1 crore, has left the local community in distress.


Fishermen, who rely on the pond for their livelihoods, expressed their anguish over the situation, emphasizing that approximately 100 families depend on its resources. They allege that toxic gasses have contaminated the pond, leading to the mass mortality of fish.


In light of these concerns, Neelam Madhu Mudiraj addressed the media, pledging assistance from both the government and himself to alleviate the fishermen’s plight. He emphasized the need for immediate measures to address the environmental issue and restore the livelihoods of those affected.

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