Chaos in southern India as inebriated truck driver causes multiple vehicle collisions

Chaos in southern India as inebriated truck driver causes multiple vehicle collisions

An intoxicated truck driver lost control, causing multiple vehicle collisions and injuring at least four motorcyclists in southern India’s Telangana. Infuriated bystanders reacted by apprehending and assaulting the driver.


The incident took place at Pusala chowk in Sultanabad area of Peddapalli District on May 31.

Visuals showed in a crowded market area, chaos erupted as a large truck lost control, colliding with anything in its path. Pedestrians scrambled to safety as the truck careened through, knocking down bystanders and sending others fleeing. After the initial collision, a crowd quickly gathered, drawn by the commotion. Among the debris, a broken bike lay abandoned, a silent witness to the chaos.


Sultanabad witnessed a scene of chaos on Friday when a sand lorry, recklessly driven, went on a rampage, injuring four motorcyclists and leaving two in critical condition. The driver, allegedly intoxicated, first collided with a bikeHeadline: Chaos in Sultanabad as Inebriated Truck Driver Causes Multiple Vehicle Collisions


The lorry rammed two bikes and got onto the road divider and plowing through another four bikes and finally halted only after hitting a roadside tree. Irate passersby nabbed the driver and thrashed him severely before handing him over to the police.


As the mayhem escalated, the truck continued its destructive path, striking another bike carrying Vinay, before mounting a road divider and colliding with yet another vehicle. The rampage finally ceased after the truck plowed through several more bikes and collided with a roadside tree.


Reacting to the alarming situation, irate passersby intervened, apprehending the driver and delivering a severe thrashing before handing him over to the authorities. The Sultanabad police are currently investigating the incident and have assured appropriate action against the reckless driver.

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