Heroic efforts save elephant in southern India

Heroic efforts save elephant in southern India
In a forest of southern India’s Tamil Nadu, a female elephant that was critically injured and fighting for her life yesterday is now on the road to recovery.
The incident took place in Marudamalai, Coimbatore on May 31.
Visuals showed how the elephant was fed and bathed. This remarkable turnaround is thanks to the tireless efforts of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department (TNFD) and a dedicated team of veterinarians.
The elephant’s condition had been dire, but the swift and coordinated response from the TNFD and the veterinary team made all the difference. Working around the clock, they provided the necessary medical care and support to stabilize and treat the elephant.
The successful recovery of the elephant has been met with widespread congratulations and praise for the dedicated professionals who worked to save her. Their commitment and hard work have not only given this majestic animal a second chance but also highlighted the importance of wildlife conservation efforts in the region.
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