Chilling moment child run over by car in central India

Chilling moment child run over by car in central India

In a chilling moment, a speeding car was seen running over a child who was on a bicycle in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened in Ganesh Talai intersection in Khandwa, on April 4.

CCTV footage captured the chilling moment when the car crushed the child on its way out of the area. The child, an eight-year-old boy, was on his bicycle when the car appeared from an interesting point on the road and ran over him. Despite mowing down the child, the car didn’t stop and sped away. Locals rushed to the aid of the boy as he laid on the ground. As per a report, a crowd had gathered at the spot and the boy was rushed to a district hospital but unfortunately, was dead by then.

Police from their stations arrived at the spot and dismissed the big gathering in the area. Meanwhile, it came to be known that the police detained two people, both women who were in the car when this accident happened. One of them, who drove the car, had a case registered against her.

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