‘Moving Hut’ amuses commuters on road in western India

‘Moving Hut’ amuses commuters on road in western India
A scene from a sci-fi movie was created when a ‘moving hut’ was seen in the middle of the road in western India’s Gujarat.

The incident took place in Surat on March 31.

Visuals showed the hut moving on the road. Bystanders and other bike and scooter riders were amused to see such a scene on the road. They turned their heads several times to catch a glimpse of the unique invention. A few people were seen taking selfies with the hut.
It was made of straws and resembles a small hut, complete with glass-covered windows on all four sides. The roof and sides are thatched, giving it the appearance of a traditional hut.


While many were impressed by the distinctive design of the vehicle, some observed that it could potentially distract other drivers on the road.
Most of the people who watched the video remembered the 2004 bollywood film ‘Taarzan: The Wonder Car’.

This wasn’t the initial instance where a distinctive vehicle from Surat garnered attention. In July of the previous year, an Instagram page based in Surat posted a video featuring a man maneuvering a peculiar monocycle within the city. The identity of the individual operating the monocycle and its safety for road use remained ambiguous. In response to the video, an Instagram user humorously commented, “Kaka is a time traveler from the future.”

Speaking to Newslions, Shivam, one of the inventors, explained that the concept of the moving hut originated from his friend Sangam Mishra while they were watching a movie. Subsequently, all five friends collaborated to design and develop the hut. The construction process spanned approximately 15 days. Dhaval Raj captured this unique invention on the road.

Shivam emphasized that the hut could be utilized at tourist destinations. He highlighted its numerous benefits, including its eco-friendliness due to its electric operation, as well as its provision of privacy.

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