Chilling moment: crocodile attacks dog in river in central India

Chilling moment: crocodile attacks dog in river in central India

In a shocking incident in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, a crocodile was captured seizing a dog swimming in the water, swallowing it whole.

The incident took place at  Kuthiyana Ghat along the Chambal River in the Damoh region of Chambal and the video went viral on May 27.

Visuals showed inside a river, a crocodile was seen dragging a dog for a meal. Only a small part of the crocodile’s head was visible, just enough to identify it. At the riverbank a group of people noticed the crocodile and began throwing stones at it but it was already too late.

The crocodile’s lightning-fast pursuit leaves no opportunity for the dog to escape as it swiftly engulfs the hapless animal, dragging it beneath the water’s depths. Despite the valiant attempts of nearby villagers to intervene and rescue the dog by hurling stones and shouting, their efforts are in vain against the formidable predator.

The sheer speed and aggression displayed by the crocodile in its hunt suggest a length of approximately 11-12 feet, underscoring the formidable nature of these reptiles. The heartbreaking scene serves as a stark reminder of the inherent dangers present in the Chambal River, urging caution for both humans and animals alike venturing into its waters.

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