Officials rescue 7 people after massive explosion at gunpowder factory in central India

Officials rescue 7 people after massive explosion at gunpowder factory in central India

SDRF and NDRF completed relief and rescue work after the explosion in the gunpowder factory in central India’s Chhattisgarh. CCTV footage emerged of the blast.

The incident took place at Special Blast Limited in Pirda village, Berla block of Bemetara district on May 25.

Visuals showed that as soon as the blast occurred, a cloud of black smoke covered the entire sky. People began running toward the scene of the incident. The tremors were so intense that even the footage itself appeared to shake. The deafening sound reverberated for several kilometers, drawing crowds from nearby villages to the scene. Factory turned into debris after the blast. SDRF and NDRF were searching for missing people and clearing the debris.

Speaking to the Newslions, SDRF official Jogeshwar Dhiwar said that tragically, the death toll stands at 10, with 7 others injured currently undergoing treatment. The state government has ordered an inquiry into this incident. This explosion created a 40-foot-deep crater at the accident site. The rescue team has also found many body parts from the accident site.

According to the reports, after the blast, a large number of people had gathered outside the factory. The police and administration team counselled them and kept them away from the blast area. However, there is a lot of anger among the people after the blast in the factory. People gathered outside the factory on Sunday morning in search of their loved ones. Not only this, people also staged a sit-in.

The villagers had complained about this factory earlier as well. After this, the district administration suspended the license of the factory for 15 days in the year 2023. It is said that the suspension ended in just 1 week, and the factory started operating again.



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