Chilling moment speeding bus runs over biker in western India

Chilling moment speeding bus runs over biker in western India
In a shocking development, a speeding bus was seen running over a biker in broad daylight in western India’s Gujarat.

This incident happened at Bhulabhai park crossroad in Ahmedabad on April 19.

CCTV footage captured the chilling moment when the accident took place. The biker arrived at the scene from the right side and was mowed down by the bus on an intersecting path. The biker, who didn’t have a helmet, fell off his two-wheeler as the bus knocked it down before he was crushed under the wheels of the vehicle. Surprisingly, the bus sped away from the spot right away and for a few seconds, no other vehicle stopped to check on the victim. However, a crowd did gather at the spot as people rushed over to the spot of the accident.

According to a report, the victim was identified as a 52-year-old named Navin Patel, who died on the spot. The man, who drove the route 13/1 bus of the Amdavad Municipal Transport Services (AMTS) which ran over the biker, was arrested by the police. Additionally, the bus operator was slapped with a fine of Rs 2 lakh (USD 2401.36) in this case.
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