Citizens protest against Pakistan government in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Citizens protest against Pakistan government in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
Significant developments have emerged from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) as the local Kashmiri populace has initiated a conflict against the oppressive actions of the Pakistani authorities.
The incident took place in POK, Mirpur on May 10.
Visuals showed things burning in the middle of the road while the locals stood near it.
On May 10, a significant gathering congregated on the streets to express dissatisfaction with the Shahbaz Sharif government’s handling of inflation, taxation, subsidies, and various other issues. Concerns were raised about the simultaneous application of two distinct legal systems within the state, underscored by the conspicuous presence of the Indian tricolor during the protests.

The Awami Action Committee reportedly orchestrated the demonstrations, advocating for tax-free electricity from the Mangala Dam and subsidies on wheat flour. In response, the Shahbaz government, evidently uneasy, authorized overnight police raids on Thursday, resulting in the apprehension of more than 70 individuals, including prominent figures and activists, exacerbating public discontent.

The escalating frustration culminated in clashes between enraged protesters and security personnel, with incidents occurring in Muzaffarabad, Dadial, Mirpur, and other areas of PoK. Law enforcement resorted to firing tear gas shells to disperse the crowds, inadvertently causing some to land near a school. Presently, the administration has bolstered security measures in the region, deploying additional forces, including Pakistan Rangers and Frontier Corps personnel, to monitor sensitive locations and maintain order.

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