Massive fire erupts at power house in northern India

Massive fire erupts at power house in northern India

In a dramatic turn of events, a colossal fire engulfed the power house located behind the in northern India’s uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place in Phase 1 police station in Noida on May 11.

Visuals showed thick grey smoke coming out of the poer house.

Promptly responding to the alarming situation, three fire engines rushed to the scene in an attempt to combat the raging inferno.

Despite the valiant efforts of the fire brigade, the blaze continues to rage, with firefighters tirelessly working to bring it under control. Fortunately, amidst the chaos, there have been no reported injuries, offering a glimmer of relief amid the crisis.

Eyewitnesses at the scene noted the presence of Noida Police vehicles parked within the vicinity of the power house, further complicating the emergency response efforts. Both the Phase 1 police station and the local fire department have mobilized their teams to the area, coordinating their efforts to contain the blaze and prevent any further escalation of the situation.

As the situation unfolds, authorities remain on high alert, with residents and businesses in the surrounding area urged to exercise caution and cooperate with emergency services personnel.

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