Cobra caught from tobacco shop in central India

Cobra caught from tobacco shop in central India

A cobra was caught and rescued after it was spotted inside a tobacco shop in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened in Makroniya area in Sagar district of the state on September 24.


Visuals showed the snake catcher, named Asad Khan, take out stuff from the counter of the shop to find the snake hiding behind all of it. He held out a rod with which he pinned the snake’s head while grabbing its body and pulling it out. He then held out the snake, which was about one and a half centimetres tall. He safely manoeuvred the snake with the stick so that it could not bite him.

According to a report, this happened in the shop named Rachna Paan Palace, which is a betel leaf shop owned by Vicky Khubchandani. He didn’t realise that there was a snake all day. While closing the shop at night, he spotted the reptile. And immediately informed Asad Khan, who came and captured the snake. This snake was of a venomous species.


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