Cop saves snake’s life giving it CPR in central India

Cop saves snake’s life giving it CPR in central India

In a unique development, a cop saved the life of a snake by administering CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) to it, in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened in Semri Harchand town of Narmadapuram on October 24.


Visuals showed the constable, identified as Atul Sharma, saved the life of the snake by giving it CPR. The reptile didn’t not move a bit and looked lifeless when the cop handled it. After witnessing no movement, he decided to administer CPR to the snake. He put the snake on the ground and held its mouth close to his to perform the process while also repeatedly rinsing the reptile’s face with clear water. After a while of performing CPR, the cop achieved success with the snake able to open its jaws and move. This brought joy to all those who were present at the spot.

According to a report, the snake had become unconscious after people had poured pesticide in the water and poured it in the pipeline where it was stuck. The reptile was affected badly by this and Sharma rushed to the rescue. He performed CPR and left the snake at a secluded area from where it went away. Sharma for the record, has been rescuing snakes since 2008 and has saved over 500 of them so far. However, this was the first time that he performed CPR on a snake.


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