Cops catch gang supplying opium in southern India

Cops catch gang supplying opium in southern India

Cops caught hold of an inter-state gang which was involved in illegal transportation of opium, or ganja in southern India’s Telangana.

This incident happened at Abdullapurmet under Rachakonda on December 13.


Visuals showed the dry opium stacked up on top of each other. The drug was put in packets and placed in front of the cops who briefed the media about this incident and said that they will be conducting an investigation into this matter. Visuals also showed pictures of the ones caught in this racket was also seen along with the mobile phones which were seized by the police. As per a report, the cops were conducting a vehicle search when they found 360 kg (793.664 lbs) of dry opium in a car.

The police arrested three accused and remanded them. The gang transported the opium from Rajahmundry in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh to Hyderabad. Sudhir Babu, the Rachakonda commissioner said that the value of this opium would be Rs 1 crore (USD 1,20,028.60) in the open market.


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