Teen from western India sets new Guinness World Records in skating

Teen from western India sets new Guinness World Records in skating

Shrishti Sharma, an 18-year-old girl from western India’s Maharashtra set the new Guinness World Cup record for the ‘fastest time to limbo skate under 10 bars’, registering an astounding timing of 1.243 seconds to achieve this momentous feat. She also achieved the record of the fastest time to limbo skate over 50 metres, doing it in 6.94 seconds.

The incident took place at Udasa-Gaosut road, Umred in Nagpur and this attempt was recorded on January 7, 2023.


Visuals showed the young girl achieve this feat that made everyone proud. A set of 10 bars were placed at a metres’ distance from each other in a course that measured 50 metres. She skated from a distance and effortlessly spread her legs to pass through these 10 bars in a flash and complete the attempt. As she was doing so, people around cheered for her which gave Shrishti a lot of encouragement and belief that she could pull it off. An aerial view of the attempt was also recorded and the more one sees it, the more amazed one is left.

As per a report, the bars were placed at a distance of three feet four inches from each other. For this record, quad skates, which are four-wheeled roller skates that have two wheels on the front and back, were used. Measuring tapes of 50 metres were used on both sides of the first and the last bar with one side ‘A’ having a receiver and side ‘B’ having a transmitter. This was mainly done since the timing of this effort was mainly recorded digitally. The final timing was recorded when Shrishti’s upper body crossed the starting point and the timer was started. The sensor stopped recording when she crossed the line marking the nine- metre distance, i.e the 10th bar. Besides, two people were kept as manual timekeepers for this effort as they recorded the time via stopwatch. They began recording the time when Shrishti had gone past the starting point and finished when she had cleared the 10th bar.

Moreover, just as it is done in case of high jump competitions, the bars were placed on cones to keep them at a height of 30 cm from the ground. Before this attempt was recorded by Shrishti, officials visited the area and inspected to see if everything was in place. The timing of these auto-sensors showed Shrishti clocking 1.243 seconds to complete the feat, which was her second attempt. It was eventually sent for the record. Shrishti was felicitated by Vidyasagar Chavhan, who is the Sub-Divisional Officer of the Umred Tehsil. Pradeep Valpe, (Naib Tehsildar, Umred) and Shrishti’s mother Shikha Sharma were also present.

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