Technical glitch in major pipeline causes spillage in southern India

Technical glitch in major pipeline causes spillage in southern India

A significant disruption unfolded as a technical glitch in a major water pipeline led to an overflow, impacting traffic flow in southern India’s Telangana.

The incident took place on the Khammam Bypass Road in Khammam on December 15.


Visuals showed beside a road, a water pipe burst, sending water cascading from a considerable height, showering in all directions. The forceful flow created a scene of chaos, making it challenging for people to navigate through the area. Bikers and cyclists hurriedly maneuvered through the water, their vehicles creating splashes as they tried to navigate the unexpected waterlogged obstacle.

According to reports in the afternoon on Khammam Bypass Road, a critical situation has arisen as water spills onto the road due to a major technical glitch in the Mission Bhagiratha pipeline.

The incident is unfolding near the significant infrastructure of the pipeline, leading to the overflow of water onto the road. The spilled water poses potential hazards and inconveniences for commuters in the area.

Authorities are actively engaged in addressing the issue, collaborating to rectify the technical problem and prevent further spillage. This unexpected event has resulted in several accidents in the vicinity, highlighting the urgency of resolving the situation to ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic in the affected area.

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