Crane overturns during garlanding in northern India

Crane overturns during garlanding in northern India
On the occasion of the birth anniversary of a former Hindu king, the municipal care during garlanding suddenly overturned in northern India Uttar Pradesh.
The incident took place in Mainpuri on May 9.
Visuals showed a group of people intending to climb a crane and decorate the statue of Maharana Pratap. However, as the crane approached the statue, the vehicle carrying it overturned, causing those on board to fall with a resounding thud. The video clearly depicts the chaotic scene that ensued, with onlookers scattering in alarm.
According to reports, on Thursday, the Hindu community organized numerous events to commemorate Maharana Pratap’s birth anniversary. Hindu leaders urged attendees to draw inspiration from Maharana Pratap’s life and emulate his path. As part of the event, garlands were placed on the statue of Maharana Pratap at the Karhal intersection. However, amidst the fervor, some enthusiastic youths commandeered the municipality’s crane to lay wreaths.
Despite successfully laying the wreath, the crane lost balance due to its weight upon descent, causing the control mechanism to overturn. Consequently, the four youths aboard tumbled onto the road, prompting chaos among onlookers. Fortunately, the crane’s instability occurred close to the ground, averting a potentially severe accident. The youths sustained minor injuries from the fall. Municipality workers promptly repaired the crane and removed it from the site.
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