Cow falls into 70-feet well: rescued after 4-hour operation in central India

Cow falls into 70-feet well: rescued after 4-hour operation in central India

In a dramatic rescue operation, a cow trapped in a deep well in central India’s Madhya Pradesh was successfully brought to safety after a strenuous effort lasting four hours.

The incident took place at Man Bamora village, Bina on May 9.

Visuals showed a cow fallen into a deep well, prompting a rescue team to arrive. Using ropes, they carefully pulled the cow out of the well, ensuring her safety throughout the operation.

Amidst the sweltering heat of the season, animals, including cows, often wander in search of water, sometimes falling into uncovered wells like the one in Man Bamora village. The cow’s sudden plunge into the water-filled abyss prompted immediate efforts by bystanders to extricate her, but their attempts proved futile.

Upon receiving news of the incident, volunteers from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad rushed to the scene and, with the assistance of local villagers, embarked on a challenging mission to rescue the stranded cow. Describing the well as approximately 70 feet deep with substantial water volume, the volunteers highlighted the considerable difficulty involved in the rescue.

After carefully securing the cow and employing various techniques, the rescue team successfully hoisted her out of the well. The cow, albeit injured from the fall, received prompt medical attention before being released back into the care of her owners.

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