Drunk girls attacks police, hurl abuses in western India

Drunk girls attacks police, hurl abuses in western India

Few girls indulged in a brawl with the police and used foul language against the police under the influence of alcohol in western India’s Maharashtra

The incident took place in Virar area of Palghar district on May 8.

Visuals showed the girls are fighting with the police officials and hurling abuses at each other under the influence of liquor. They were seen creating chaos outside a restaurant. Girls were also seen  dragging police men and snatching their uniforms.

According to reports, three girls arrived at a restaurant and bar in Virar West. All three of them were utterly inebriated when they left the bar. Upon entering the road, the girls immediately began to cause a disturbance. A throng began to form as soon as they noticed the girls’ intense drama on the road.

Someone alerted the authorities in the interim. The police arrived on the scene as soon as they had the information and attempted to talk the girls into it. The girls misbehaved and began abusing and fighting with the police during this time. The girls attempted to attack and shove the police officers.

Arnala police is currently investigating after filing a case under several sections. According to Assistant Police Inspector Rupesh Dalvi, numerous attempts were made to persuade the accused girls, however, they were unresponsive. In this case, a case has been filed, and action is being done.

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