Crop devastated by electrical fire in northern India, farmers suffer heavy losses

Crop devastated by electrical fire in northern India, farmers suffer heavy losses

A short circuit in electrical lines sparked a devastating fire in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, destroying approximately 10 acres of crops and causing significant losses for local farmers.

The incident took place at Mubarakpur-Matha Rampur’s Seewan area of Amethi on April 5.

Visuals showed a fierce blaze raging  in the fields, turning grains into ash. Villagers battled the flames with sticks, striving to gain control over the inferno.

According to reports the fire broke out in the wheat crop due to sparks from high tension electricity lines in Mubarakpur-Matha Rampur’s Seewan area. With the help of villagers and the fire brigade, the fire was brought under control.

On Friday afternoon, sparks from loose wires of high tension electricity lines passing through Seewan between Mubarakpur and Matha Rampur villages ignited the wheat crop. The fire quickly spread, causing extensive damage. Local residents began efforts to extinguish the fire and informed the fire brigade.


Upon receiving the information, the fire brigade arrived at the scene and managed to control the fire. However, by the time the fire was extinguished, approximately 10 acres of crops belonging to farmers from Mubarakpur were reduced to ashes, including fields owned by Ram Surat, Ram Jag, Ram Sevak, Ram Sarn, Hanuman Sarn, Ram Das, Dev Prakash, Rakesh Mani, Shyamlal, Sandeep, Sanjay, and others. Revenue officials assessed the damage caused by the fire upon receiving the news.

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