Customs intercept gold concealed innovatively in southern India

Customs intercept gold concealed innovatively in southern India

A vigilant customs operation successfully thwarted an international smuggling attempt in southern India’s Karnataka.

The incident took place at Kempegowda International airport in Bengaluru city on November 25.


Visuals showed a man cutting out the bottom of a knife. The sharp weapon was scanned by a machine when it was noticed that the handle had been ingeniously modified. Upon closer inspection, authorities discovered concealed gold within the hollowed section of the knife handle, revealing a clandestine attempt to transport precious metal undetected through security measures.

According to reports in a Customs operation a passenger arriving from Dubai on IndiGo flight 6E-1486 was intercepted based on profiling by Bengaluru Customs officials. During the inspection, the authorities discovered two gold rods coated with mercury concealed inside hollow handles of knives. Additionally, gold paste was found sprayed on paper and pasted on trays, amounting to a total weight of 298.25 grams of gold.

The interception highlights the meticulous efforts of Customs officials in identifying and preventing illegal smuggling activities.


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