Devotees vandalize car in northern India, attempt arson

Devotees vandalize car in northern India, attempt arson

A group of pilgrims vandalised a car after their Kanwar (sacred water container) got damaged in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

The incident took place near Mangalore Gur Mandi in Delhi – Haridwar highway in Roorkee on July 10.


Visuals showed in front of the devotees’ camp, a group of fervent worshippers were seen damaging a car. They were engaged in acts of vandalism, relentlessly breaking and destroying the vehicle. The chaotic scene attracted a large crowd of onlookers, with people gathering in significant numbers to witness the commotion.

According to reports, some Kanwariyas were resting at the camp. During this time, a car driver reached the camp. A while later, as the car driver was leaving the camp, his car collided with a Kanwar placed near the camp, causing it to break.

This incident infuriated the Kanwariyas, and they started physically assaulting the car driver. Within moments, they started vandalising the car, flipping it over and attempting to set it on fire. However, local people intervened and rescued the car driver from the clutches of the Kanwariyas and saved the car from burning.

Upon receiving information, the police arrived at the scene and had a hard time calming down the Kanwariyas. After explaining the situation to them, the police managed to restore order.

Subsequently, the police provided new Kanwars to the Kanwariyas and escorted them towards their destination. Dehat SP (Superintendent of Police) Swapn Kishore Singh mentioned that the Kanwariyas had some misunderstandings, which were resolved by making them understand the situation. Currently, the situation is normal.

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