Doctors in northern India remove live leech from man’s nose in rare surgery

Doctors in northern India remove live leech from man’s nose in rare surgery

In a rare and remarkable surgery, doctors at Nazareth Hospital in northern India, successfully removed a live leech from a man’s nose.

The incident took place in Prayagraj city on June 24.

Visuals showed how the leech was removed from the patient’s nose with a lot of precision using the telescope method and the leech then kept inside a container.

According to reports, Cecil Andrew Gomes, the patient, had experienced several days of nosebleeds and unusual sensations in his nostril before seeking medical help.

The surgery, led by Dr. Subhash Chandra Verma, an ENT specialist, utilized a telescope method that allowed for precise removal without damaging surrounding tissues. Upon examination, doctors discovered the leech deep in Gomes’ left nostril, where it had been feeding on his blood.


The incident occurred after Gomes bathed in stagnant waterfall water in Uttarakhand, a northern Indian state, two weeks prior. While it is common for leeches to attach to the skin of people who swim in ponds or lakes, finding one inside the nose is highly unusual.


The medical team, including anesthetist Dr. S.B. Singh and several nurses, ensured the procedure went smoothly. Dr. Verma confirmed that the leech did not reach critical areas like the brain or eyes, and Gomes is now healthy and recovering well.

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