Mosque demolition sparks violent protest in northern India

Mosque demolition sparks violent protest in northern India
In a recent incident, the demolition of a mosque sparked worrisome violent protests in northern India’s Delhi. 
The incident took place in Mangolpuri of North West Delhi on June 25.
Visuals showed the concerning site of a mob who had gathered around the mosque while it was being demolished in the early hours of the day. The mob can be seen objecting and expressing their concern over the demolition of the mosque. The officials present in the video can be seen handling the mob effectively and preventing the situation from getting worse.
According to the reports, the parts of the mosque were demolished as reports revealed that they were illegal. Delhi MCD conducted a joint encroachment removal action at Municipal Park in Y Block, Mangolpuri, Kanjhawala Road, near Petrol Pump, Ward No 42, Rohini Zone. The locals climbed over the walls of the mosque and began protesting over demolition.
According to officials, it was in the morning when the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, accompanied by local police and a paramilitary unit, arrived at Y block in Mangolpuri to dismantle illegal structures at the mosque. As the demolition commenced at 6 am, residents assembled and began protesting at the site.
Reportedly, some residents climbed the mosque threw bricks over police personnel, and committed acts of violence which fueled the protest  The situation, according to officials, is now under control.
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