Doctors remove 7-5 inches deodorant canister from man’s stomach in eastern India

Doctors remove 7-5 inches deodorant canister from man’s stomach in eastern India

Doctors in eastern India’s West Bengal had to operate upon a 27-year-old male patient who arrived at the hospital with a rather unusual yet serious complaint.

The incident took place at the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, located in Purba Bardhaman district of the state on September 7.

According to doctors, they removed a 7.5 inches canister of deodorant from the man’s stomach, that was pushed into his body through the anus.

Speaking to Newslions, Dr Arindam Ghosh, who led the four-member team that performed the surgery, said the patient was referred from another hospital to them.

“We received a call from another hospital on September 6, asking us if we wanted to treat this patient and we agreed. He arrived on the seventh and we had a look at the reports and understood that something was lodged inside his stomach.”

Ghosh said that an X-Ray was performed and doctors decided to remove the object from the anus, but resorted to operation as that did not succeed.

The patient’s wrongful testament also made it a tad difficult for the doctors, who weren’t expecting a whole deodorant can to be lodged inside the stomach.

“When questioned, the patient had said that someone had shoved a lighter inside his anus, but the operation revealed otherwise,” Ghosh added.

Doctors performed both laparotomy and Enterotomy during the two-hour procedure to extract the can and save the patient.

Meanwhile, the patient had earlier approached his local hospital after being unable to poop. The bottle sat inside him for nearly 20 days, forcing him to seek medical help to get it removed.

A 3-minute-long visual showed doctors cutting open the intestine to remove the deodorant can, following which they expressed surprise.

Apart from Ghosh, the team consisted of Dr Sutapa Karmakar, Dr Deepak Gupta and anesthesiologist Dr Sourav De.

The patient is recuperating well and will be discharged three days later.

It is not known why the man ended up with the can inside him.

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