Driverless bus runs over petrol pump attendant in northern India

Driverless bus runs over petrol pump attendant in northern India

In a tragic incident at a petrol pump in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, a driverless bus ran over an attendant while he was inflating a bike tire, causing panic and severe injuries.

The incident took place at the Tandon Petrol Pump located at Numaish Chauraha in Hardoi district on July 4.

Visuals showed at a petrol pump, a worker was fixing a tire on a man’s bike. Behind them, a bus suddenly started moving on its own and ran over the worker, continuing forward. The man on the bike narrowly escaped injury. After the accident, people nearby rushed to the scene.

According to reports Tejpal Yadav, the attendant, was inflating a bike tire when a private bus, parked on a slope without the driver, suddenly started moving. The bus ran over Tejpal, who was immediately taken to the district hospital with serious injuries.

Eyewitnesses reported that the bus, after running over Tejpal, crashed into nearby shops, causing chaos and forcing people to flee for their safety. The area is known for frequent accidents involving private buses, which are often found parked illegally, posing a constant threat to pedestrians and local residents.

Additional SP Nripendra Kumar provided details of the incident, confirming that the bus, which was parked on a slope, started moving without a driver and ran over Tejpal. Legal proceedings are underway as authorities investigate the circumstances of the accident.


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