Stampede at team India victory rally in western India: thousands of fans injured

Stampede at team India victory rally in western India: thousands of fans injured

A victory rally for Team India’s T20 World Cup win in western India’s Maharashtra turned chaotic as a massive crowd of cricket lovers led to a stampede, resulting in multiple injuries and hospitalizations.

The incident took place between Marine Line and Wankhede stadium in Mumbai on July 4.

Visuals showed during India’s victory rally, the streets were so crowded that a young girl fainted in the midst of the throng. A police officer tried to carry her out to safety, but the crowd was so dense that there was no room to move.

Celebrations turned chaotic as Team India’s victory rally for their T20 World Cup win led to a stampede, injuring several fans in Mumbai. The rally, held yesterday evening between Marine Lines and Wankhede Stadium, attracted a massive crowd of cricket enthusiasts eager to catch a glimpse of their heroes.

Crowds thronged both sides of the road, from Marine Drive to the Wankhede Stadium, with fans standing wherever they could find space. The overwhelming number of attendees caused a stampede-like situation, with reports of injuries and suffocation among the retreating crowd.

According to local authorities, the commotion led to a rush of fans near the Wankhede area. Emergency services reported that ten people were taken to the nearest government hospital, GT Hospital, for treatment. Among these, eight individuals were treated and discharged immediately, while two required further medical attention.

“One of the admitted individuals suffered a fracture, and the other experienced breathing difficulties,” an official confirmed. In the aftermath of the incident, a pile of abandoned shoes was seen near the beach, marking the chaos that had ensued.

The Mumbai police and event organizers are now facing questions about the crowd control measures in place, as fans and officials alike reflect on a day meant for celebration that ended in distress.

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