Heroic efforts by forest department: hog deer rescued, including 42 animals rescued, amidst flood crisis in northeastern India

Heroic efforts by forest department: hog deer rescued, including 42 animals rescued, amidst flood crisis in northeastern India

In a remarkable display of dedication and bravery, the Assam Forest Department’s Karbi Anglong team successfully rescued a hog deer trapped in water hyacinth and slush in the early hours in northeastern India’s Assam. 

The incident took place in Kaziranga National Park on July 3.

Visuals from the rescue operations showed one deer being saved from floodwaters and released into a safer area, while another was seen tied by its limbs, blindfolded, and carried on a stretcher for treatment.

According to reports, the exhausted deer was brought to Bagori at 3 AM, where a vet provided immediate treatment. The animal was then released into the Bagori infirmary, specially created for flood-affected wildlife.

The rescue operation was part of a larger effort by the Assam Forest Department, which saved a total of 42 animals between July 1 and July 3. These included 14 hog deer, two sambar, one jungle cat, one Indian hare, and one infant otter. Tragically, six animals died during this period, including four hog deer that drowned or succumbed to their injuries. 

The forest department’s frontline staff, whose efforts often go unnoticed, were praised for their heroic actions during this crisis. Their quick response and tireless work have been crucial in mitigating the impact of the floods on local wildlife. The recent floods, caused by the overflow of the Brahmaputra River, have devastated the region, particularly affecting the Kaziranga National Park.

Authorities at Kaziranga National Park have issued a special request to the public, urging them to help save animals that get drowned in floodwaters and to refrain from hunting or poaching animals, as it is legally prohibited. This plea comes in light of the severe impact of the floods on the park’s wildlife.

From July 1 to July 3, the forest department successfully treated and released 14 hog deer, while 22 remain under treatment. Despite their best efforts, six hog deer succumbed to the harsh conditions. Additionally, an infant otter was rescued, treated, and remains under care, while another infant otter unfortunately died.

This period also saw the rescue of a sambar, which was treated and released safely. However, two scoops owls and a jungle cat remain under treatment. The total number of animals rescued and released highlights the significant challenges faced by the Assam Forest Department and their unwavering commitment to wildlife conservation.

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