Dust storm hits central India, biker injured

Dust storm hits central India, biker injured

A severe dust storm struck central India’s Madhya Pradesh and it unfortunately led to a biker sustaining injuries.

This incident happened on the Indore-Ichhapur State Highway in Barwaha-Sanawad police station area, Khargone district on April 9.

Visuals showed the fierce storm on the highway. As the name suggests, dust was all over and everything was clouded, making it difficult for commuters to travel. What was even more scary was that the storm blew away the iron sheets and tin sheds of hotels and houses and these items were seen flying across the streets, putting the lives of the commuters in danger. A few such iron sheets were seen coming onto the road and hitting the vehicles.

An iron sheet was seen striking a biker, leading to an accident. Another man was seen taking cover and he did well to save himself and run away to safety amidst the carnage caused by the dust storm. The storm seemingly subsided for a while and people rushed to the aid of the biker, whose two-wheeler was under an iron sheet. People removed it and helped him get back up on his feet. There were others as well who sustained injuries in this dust storm.

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