Hailstorm wreak havoc on crops, spark concerns in central India

Hailstorm wreak havoc on crops, spark concerns in central India

Recent weather shifts, marked by sudden storms and a slight drop in temperatures, have brought both relief and concerns to residents of central India’s Madhya Pradesh, with agricultural impacts and potential further changes anticipated in the coming days.

The incident took place in the Khandwa region on April 9.

Visuals showed the weather was unleashing a fearsome downpour, with thick, heavy raindrops cascading down accompanied by sizable hailstones plummeting from the sky.

Due to the circulation of cyclones, turf lines, and western disturbances, the weather is undergoing a shift in the region. In Khandwa, the skies remained clear from morning until 2 o’clock, but soon after, the rumble of approaching clouds echoed. As the day progressed, clouds gathered, culminating in a sudden storm accompanied by half an hour of rain around 3 to 3:30 in the afternoon, impacting areas including Bhawanpura’s fields, Anakwadi, Bhagyapura, Badi, and Kasrawad.

Reports emerged of hailstones, resembling chickpeas in size, pelting down in Kotha Khurd. The corn stored in Anakwadi’s market area suffered dampness, prompting swift transportation measures. By 4:00 in the evening, a feeble sunshine broke through the clouds. Meanwhile, in Khandwa, efforts were underway to collect corn at the market. Throughout the day, the sun remained prominent, yet the gathering clouds left people unsettled.

Furthermore, a slight decline in maximum temperatures was observed, marking a drop of about 1 degree Celsius. Over the past week, temperatures in Khandwa had consistently exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists predict the continuation of similar weather patterns in the upcoming days, with the possibility of sporadic light showers and thunderstorms looming over Khandwa as well.

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