Dwarf bovines to become a new attraction for pet lovers!

Dwarf bovines to become a new attraction for pet lovers!

Ever imagined, sitting on your couch and caressing the back of an adorable dwarf cow? Some years ago, it would have been passed off as just an idea but now, it is possible. The Nadipathy Goshala cow farm in Yeleswaram, in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh Kakinada has made it possible.

The visuals were shot on September 24.


Visuals showed these little cows roaming about in a room where some of them were being caressed by people. One of them got up on a bed where a little girl played with it. They were all over the farm and were treated just as one would normally do with dogs and cats among other popular pets. The Nandipathy Goshala works with the determination to have cows inside a house, much like how people keep other pets. These miniature cows need little maintenance and can be kept inside the house easily. The perk is that its keepers can get up to two litres of milk as well!

But a question arises on how these cows are born and raised? Originally five feet tall, these cows were brought down to a height of a foot with the help of mutation. The official website of Nadipathy Goshala states that such a research process has been conducted on 3000 cows. The Punganur breed of cows here grow up to just three feet. The Goshala has several breeds of such miniature cows in their farms.

So why do we even need cows at home? Well, according to them, cows can help make the surroundings of a house more peaceful and energetic and along with it, the animal’s body odour also at times cures diseases. Since they don’t consume meat, the maintenance cost is significantly lower. The cow is hailed as a very holy animal in Hinduism and much of their beliefs propagate from the idea of the bovine being an important part of the religion as well as human life.

Earlier, two dwarf bulls were created under state government-authorization weighing only 200kgs each, which is significantly less than that of a maximum of 1,500 kilos, the maximum an average bull can weigh.


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