Enormous python rescued from truck in northern India

Enormous python rescued from truck in northern India

A driver of a truck was thrown into panic after a huge python was found from his vehicle in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This happened in Pari Chowk, Greater Noida on September 28.


Visuals from the spot showed the massive snake dangling from the truck. One-half of its body was inside the driver’s cabin. People were surprised at the sight of this giant reptile. Soon, the rescue operation began with cops first trying to tie up the snake. But it was a far from easy task with the rope not being able to hold on to the snake’s slimy body as the reptile was trying to free itself and escape. The police also tried to use a stick to ensure that the snake didn’t escape.

The python kept crawling into a bike kept nearby but found no success as the cops were not giving up so soon. Eventually, they were able to capture the massive snake and their successful effort was followed with a round of applause from the people who were standing nearby. The python was then handed over to the forest department.

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