Elephant falls into open well in eastern India, rescued

Elephant falls into open well in eastern India, rescued

Location Champua forest range in Keonjhar district, eastern India's Odisha. Date: 2023-05-18

Forest officials rescued an adult female elephant from an abandoned dug-well in eastern India’s Odisha.

The incident took place along the Baitarani River at Tuntuna under the Champua forest range in Keonjhar district on May 18.

Visuals showed the pachyderm fallen in the well. An excavator was digging near the well to make a path for the elephant. After digging for a while the big mammal got the grip of the path and came out of the well. It was later seen running in an open field after the rescue.

According to reports from the Divisional Forest Officer Dhanraj H D, IFS Keonjhar district, the Night Patrolling team received information about the incident at 5.30 am that an adult female elephant had fallen in an abandoned dry well around 10 -12 feet deep.

It was rescued successfully at 6.45 am within one hour by making a ramp on one side of the well by a team of forest officials led by Forester Kalandi Samal.

The elephant is healthy and normal and went into the forest after the rescue.

The Forest Department says that all hazardous open wells have been barricaded in conventional elephant movement areas. But many times elephants venture into unconventional areas. We will be scanning all such areas and barricading open wells there.

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