Fatal fire claims lives of two women in northern India, eight others safely rescued

Fatal fire claims lives of two women in northern India, eight others safely rescued

Location Lal Bagh Colony, Ghaziabad, northern India's Uttar Pradesh. Date: 2023-06-12

Two women were killed in a massive fire at a four-floor building in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place at Lal Bagh colony of Loni in Ghaziabad on June 12.



Visuals showed some people were desperately trying to extinguish the raging fire inside the house. They were filling buckets with water and frantically throwing it towards the flames. However, the fire was so intense that the water seemed insufficient to make any significant difference. The fierce blaze engulfed the surroundings, sending plumes of thick smoke into the air.

The fire broke out at a building, which houses a shop and a residence house of a tent shop owner Satish. Satish lost his mother Barto Devi, 70, and his sister Mamata in the fire.

Some reports claimed that a short circuit could be the reason for the fire

“Around 6 am, the fire service police station received information that a fire broke out in a building in Lal Bagh colony. Our two fire vehicles, from Tronica City and Sahibabad, immediately reached the spot. We saw a massive fire on the ground floor, which was being used to store the material of the tent house. No one was present on the ground floor, and the house was locked,” said Ghaziabad Chief Fire Officer Rahul Pal.

Eight people were trapped on the upper floors of the building. They were rescued by installing a ladder and breaking the wall at the backside of the building. When the house was searched, one woman was lying injured on the first floor and another one on the second floor. They died after being taken to the hospital,” said the official.

He said one of the firefighters was injured in the rescue operation. “When our team reached here, the building was closed from all sides. That’s why we had to enter forcefully, and during this time, an iron door fell on an employee, injuring him,” said the CFO, adding that a short circuit was suspected to be the reason behind the fire.


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