Fire breaks out at field in northern India, flames doused

Fire breaks out at field in northern India, flames doused

Firefighters were quick to react after flames broke out at a field in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident took place in Deoria district of the state on April 17.

Visuals showed the fire spread across the field and thick black smoke emanating from the area as a result. The fire fighters were seen at work as they attempted their best to douse the flames. The officials sprayed water and eventually attained success in putting out the flames. It was learnt that several fire units rushed to the spot and their prompt action led to the flames not spreading further and causing harm to the population present there.

As per a report, the fire did cause a lot of damage though. The fire broke out when the farmers were burning the wheat stalks and it soon took a massive form. The flames subsequently spread to Kusumah, Marwatiya Raja, Golautha, Dubauli, Chakarwa, Hiraman Parsia, Bardiha Ali and Pakdi Bazaar villages and this threw the farmers into a lot of panic. A man named Vrijaraj Kannaujiya had his house including all the items burnt to ashes. Two bags of wheat crops which belonged to Laxman and Dhoop Chand Sharma of the Bardiha Ali village were also burnt in the fire.

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