Fire breaks out in railway station telephone exchange room in central India

Fire breaks out in railway station telephone exchange room in central India

Location Lamata Railway Station, Balaghat district, central India's Madhya Pradesh. Date: 2023-05-19

A raging fire engulfed the telephone exchange room of a railway station in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, causing chaos and panic.

The incident took place at a telephone room at Lamata railway station in Balaghat district on May 19.

Visuals showed the railway station’s telephone room was engulfed in a fierce fire, billowing thick black smoke into the air. The dark plumes of smoke swirled and twisted, creating a menacing sight against the backdrop of the station’s bustling atmosphere.

Balaghat and Nainpur fire brigades rushed to the scene and took control of the situation, but by then, the telephone exchange had been completely engulfed in flames.

A fire broke out due to a short circuit between approximately 10:00 to 11:00 in the morning. When smoke emerged, the railway staff was informed about it.

The staff immediately notified their senior officials. The technical staff is currently inspecting the telephone exchange room to assess the extent of the damage.

The train that travels from Gondia to Balaghat and then to Jabalpur passes through Lāmata Railway Station in the morning and evening.

Along with it, several other trains such as the Chennai Express, Rewa-Itarsi, and Chandafort Express, as well as a large number of goods trains, pass through the station.

It is not known yet whether these trains were affected by the fire incident or not. The staff at Lamata Railway Station stated that information can only be provided after a thorough investigation.



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