Flash floods strike northern India, several families relocated

Flash floods strike northern India, several families relocated

Incessant rains have led to severe flash floods in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir with several families being forced to relocate.

This incident took place in the Kupwara district of the state on April 29.

Visuals showed the destruction that was caused by the flash floods. Several areas were left completely inundated and the water had risen to such levels that a gate of a house was seen almost submerged. Rain continued to batter the area and was heard in the background and the officials rushed to rescue the stranded families. They were seen using life boats to take the residents of these houses which were flooded by the rainwater and relocating them to safer areas. It was learnt that around 336 families were relocated to other places. Five villages in Handwara were left submerged. Not just this but a report states that the floods led to the Srinagar-Kupwara highway being blocked as well. Several locations including Kawari, Badshah Khun, and Wadhpora were blocked which led to the traffic being stopped on this highway.

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