Flight diverted due to bomb threat in western India; passengers safely evacuated

Flight diverted due to bomb threat in western India; passengers safely evacuated

A Delhi-Mumbai-bound Akasa Air flight, carrying 186 passengers, was diverted to the Airport following a bomb threat in western India’s Gujarat. The aircraft landed safely at the Airport at 10:13 am, and all passengers were evacuated.

The incident took place at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad on June 3.

Visuals showed after the plane landed, all passengers were escorted outside, and their bags were lined up on the side for bomb checks. Passengers nervously paced around, visibly tense and apprehensive, while authorities meticulously inspected each bag to ensure the absence of any explosives. The atmosphere was charged with tension, with concerned faces scanning the surroundings as the security procedures unfolded.

In a concerning turn of events, Akasa Air flight QP 1719, en route from Delhi to Mumbai, encountered a security alert onboard prompting an immediate diversion to Ahmedabad Airport in Gujarat. With 186 passengers, including 1 infant, and six crew members onboard, the flight’s safety procedures swiftly came into action upon receiving the bomb threat.

Following prescribed safety protocols, the Captain executed an emergency landing at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport at 10:13 am, ensuring the safety of all passengers and crew. Upon touchdown, authorities swiftly evacuated all passengers from the aircraft.

At present, security measures are rigorously underway at Ahmedabad Airport, with the assistance of Dog Squads, to thoroughly inspect both the flight and passengers’ luggage for any potential threats. Akasa Air spokesperson confirmed the incident, assuring that the airline is fully compliant with safety and security protocols and providing support to the ongoing investigation.

Passengers are urged to remain calm as authorities work diligently to ensure their safety and resolve the situation efficiently. Further updates regarding the incident are awaited as the investigation progresses.

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