Heavy continuous rain causes long traffic jams in southern India

Heavy continuous rain causes long traffic jams in southern India

Persistent heavy rainfall led to extensive traffic congestion on flyovers and highways in southern India’s Karnataka, bringing movement to a halt in several areas.

The incident took place in Bengaluru on June 2.

Visuals showed after the rain, a long traffic jam had formed on the road. Vehicles were lined up for a considerable distance, but the weather had become quite pleasant and cool. The rain had washed away the dust and dirt from the roads, making Bangalore look beautiful and clean.

According to the Meteorological Department, Bengaluru received 69 mm of rainfall, leading to severe disruptions. A BMTC bus carrying 25 passengers was half-submerged at an underpass near Kino Theatre. Local residents rushed to the scene, assisting commuters in exiting the bus and pushing it aside to prevent further risk.

A BBMP official cited clogged drains, blocked by plastic waste and a rubber sheet near Kino Theatre, as the cause of the water stagnation. The rainfall’s impact was felt citywide, with 118 trees reported fallen and 128 cases of branches falling. Damaged bikes, cars, and a pani puri stall were among the casualties.

Power outages were reported in multiple areas, including Pattegarpalya and KP Agrahara. The Bengaluru-Mysuru Express Highway was severely inundated, leading to an 8-km-long traffic jam caused by overflow from a nearby lake.

Commuters returning to Bengaluru were stranded, unable to move due to the flooding. This incident echoes similar flooding in 2022, despite previous assurances from NHAI officials to resolve the issue. The persistent problem calls for immediate and effective measures to prevent future disruptions.

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