Forest officials capture crocodile after it was spotted inside drain in southern India

Forest officials capture crocodile after it was spotted inside drain in southern India

Officials of the forest department captured and rescued a crocodile from a drain in southern India’s Tamil Nadu.

This incident happened in Puducherry in the early hours on November 21.


Visuals showed the rescue officials getting down the drain to rescue the crocodile. The rescue operation was particularly a dangerous one as it took place in the dark but the officials pulled it off successfully. The reptile was caught in a trap laid by the officials. They got down into the drain and tied the cage in which the reptile was caught, to ropes with which it was pulled out of the drain. The crocodile was 2.3 feet long and weighed 1.35 kgs (2.976 lbs).

As per a report, the reptile was originally spotted on November 20 by an employee of a furniture mart nearby. Soon after, panic gripped the locals and the crocodile went further deep into the drain, which made catching it a tough task. The forest officials arrived at the spot and set up traps downstream and upstream that evening for about an hour and a half and the reptile was caught in the middle of the night. However, some of the people who saw the crocodile said that they spotted one which was bigger in size than the one which was caught. Forest officials later issued an advisory, asking people to be cautious, especially those who stay near drains.

However, it could not be ascertained as to how this crocodile ended up in this drain as it was not connected to any water body. The reptile was healthy and the officials are determining whether to release the creature into the wild or give it to a rescue centre or a zoo.


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